Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Justified - "The Hammer"

My review "The Hammer," the latest episode of Justified, is up at spinetingler.

Give it a look HERE.

John Dahl, noir director extraordinaire, directified the shit out of this episode.

For an article on the underappreciated maestro, click on his name in the labels section below.


jedidiah ayres said...

I love John Dahl's first 3 films and even Joy Ride was much better than it deserved to be. Second life in TV directing is good to see.

CrimeNerd said...

Yeah, Dahl Da Man. That one he did a few years ago with Tea Leoni and Ben Kingsley, YOU KILL ME was pretty good too, actually. I actually love JOY RIDE. Say what you will about Paul Walker, but he's got JOY RIDE and RUNNING SCARED in his filmography - a blind squirrel can apparently find two nuts.