Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ruminating In My Pants #6: Best Music of 2008

The list-making continues. Why? Because the Nerd has to feed the monkey, let you lot out there know that he is more than just a dude who likes crazy-ass crime shit - much fucking more.

I'm a guy who likes indie rock and independent film and HBO shows and...

Okay, so I'm basically every other educated twenty-something white dude - has my fucking number. But I do make LISTS about that shit. How novel!

Music! Gee-whiz!

1. For Emma, Forever Ago - Bon Iver

Okay, so it has a lame-ass "story" behind it about some sad bastard going off alone to make an album in the woods of Wisconsin (a story which no doubt helped sales, mind you), but come on, this thing is fucking beautiful. This album puts Justin Vernon up there with singer-songwriters like Eric Bachman and Bonnie "Prince" Billy - no fucking lie.

2. The Midnight Organ Fight - Frightened Rabbit

Great pop album - has all the traditional highs and lows you expect from a rock-solid rock album but done so goddamn well it seems unique, fresh. Main attraction here though is definitely the lead singer's crazy-ass voice - scottish lilt, voice-cracks and all.

3. Dear Science - TV on the Radio

Yeah, I know - real original, right? Look, I wanna be unimpressed by these dudes, but the Rich Man's Gnarls Barkley are just too fucking awesome. They just keep hitting that right balance of experimentalism and pop sensibility over and over, upping the ante with each album - these guys are gonna be fucking legendary toot-fucking-sweet.

4. Wrecking Ball - Dead Confederate

I remember having My Morning Jacket's sound explained to me before I ever heard their music and getting really excited. Then I heard the music and...they sucked. Dead Confederate is what I'd hoped they would sound like. If you like the Black Angels, you're gonna shit your pants when you get your gnarled, sweaty mitts on Wrecking Ball.

5. In Ear Park - Department of Eagles

I was a huge fan of Grizzly Bear's last album and this band is primarily those same dudes, only with a more radio-friendly sound. There's still some weird Beach Boys shit going on in the production, but now it's more like Pet Sounds than Smile.

That'll do it for music, expect my extremely well-thought-out books list to come out soon, gentle, impatient readers. EXPECT THAT SHIT!

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