Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breaking Bad - "Mas"

My review of "Mas," the latest episode of Breaking Bad, is up at spinetingler.

Marvel at my insight HERE.

To pat myself on the back some more, how about that hilarious picture of Odenkirk?

Saul had some choice lines about a five foot tall "chiropractor" tonight. Somebody's gotta put the Bob back in the moviefilms, toot-fucking-sweet.


jedidiah ayres said...

Jeez, Odenkirk looks like Ben Gazzara in that pic.

CrimeNerd said...

Holy shit! If Hollywood ever wants to remake They All Laughed...but then who would be an aging Audrey Hepburn?

jedidiah ayres said...

David Cross

CrimeNerd said...

I'm in.